Create Smart Contracts &
Insert Contents Securely into the Blockchain

Use the Blockchain to Protect your Trademark, Audio, Video, NDA, Document, Article, Patent, Invention, Agreement, Contract, Ideas, etc

How to use Blockbook™

Create/Upload and Post, Time-Stamp or Publish Your Data, Documents & Smart Contracts in the Verifiable Public Blockchain

Create/Upload Content

Use our powerful Blockchain Editor™ to create/upload your Content or Smart Contract for the Blockchain.

Publish & Insert

Publish and Insert your Content or Smart Contract into the public Blockchain.

Confirmation & Certificate

Receive Verifiable Blockchain Post Confirmation, Blockchain Time-Stamp Certificate, or Smart Contract Certificate with Source Code.

Why Choose Blockbook™
Blockchain Platform?

*3-IN-1 Platform: Create and Manage all your Blockchain Posting, Time-Stamping and Smart Contract projects in one platform.

*Direct Access to the Top Main Public Blockchain Networks in the World: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Dash, Steem and Fatcom.

The Platform is Securely Connected 24/7 to the Bitcoin Blockchain via Blockbook™ Blockchain Server, i.e All your Drafts or Published Data and Documents are automatically inserted into the Bitcoin Blockchain for FREE.

*Post rich contents and data to the Bitcoin Network using Blockbook Certificate™.

*Create cloud based immutable Paper Trails or Proof of Work for your contents with Blockchain Editor™.

*Use your immutable Paper Trails/Proof of Work and Blockbook Certificate™, as a valid third party evidence in a Court of Law during any litigation process.

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What is Blockchain?

Top Reasons To Choose Blockbook™

Complete Access

Access to the Complete Blockchain Technology – Blockchain Posting, Blockchain Time-Stamping, and Blockchain Smart Contracts

Immutable Evidence

Create an Immutable Proof of Work and Paper Trails for your Content – Data, Documents, Smart Contracts, etc.

Support Litigation Case

Support and Prove your Litigation Case with your Immutable Proof of Work, Paper Trails and Blockbook™ Certificate in any Court of Law.