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Blockchain timestamping

Document issuance history certification

Timestamping of issued documents can allow a public verification of the issue history which is permanently recorded on the public blockchains. There is absolutely no method of potential malicious amendment at a later stage.

Blockchain stamping allows a public verification of the document’s date, authenticity, origin, integrity & content without publicly exposing the content itself.

Certify possession of original content

Content signed by the user before timestamping, can be undeniably claimed to have been in the user’s possession & knowledge at the time of the blockchain time stamping.

A simple reference to the respective public blockchain ledger transaction ID can undeniably prove this with absolutely no doubt.

Blockchain based intellectual property

If the timestamped signed content is original, authentic, non-stolen, non-copied, unplagiarized work then the user has a very strong argument to support intellectual property.

The immutable blockchain timestamp can become proof of prior art existence to any subsequent claim of authenticity by others in the future for the same or similar content.

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